Network Marketer and Entrepreneurs Brandon Johnson


Brandon Johnson


May 2017


Web Design,Graphic Design,Videography, Photography

Brandon Johnson is a network marketer and entrepreneur based in Texas. He approached us for a total branding package including web design, photography, video, sound, logo design, . His goal was to promote himself as well as his Legacy Lifestyle program  built for those who want to create unlimited success in all aspects of their lives and build a Legacy Lifestyle that includes creating financial freedom for your whole family, attracting amazing relationships, achieving fitness of the body and the mind, and most of all Personal Realization.We wanted to give him a solution that would be packed with visuals while still providing quick and necessary information right away.

Creating the Brandon Johnson website

Brandon wanted a website to show his passions, and put his custom programs Legacy Life Style visible and prominent. We built a responsive site that displays the information perfectly at every screen size while still maintaining site speed. Animations, custom photography, and video add a visually appealing style without slowing the site down for users on slower internet connections.

Creating the Brandon Johnson logos

Brandon needed logos built for his website as well as for his  program he wanted to offer. We were happy to help! 

Making the Brandon Johnson presentation video

Today I want to use this knowledge and experience to empower others too. Mentors have had an extraordinary effect on me and that is why today, as a speaker and life coach my dream is to empower as many people as possible, reignite their dreams and bring them the necessary tools that will help take them where they want to be.

If at the moment you are not doing something that empowers you, that says “your dreams are achievable now”, look for that. Pursue that every day. You deserve it! And please reach out to me. I would love to help you achieve your dreams and build your own legacy lifestyle.

Brandon Johnson photos