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Issue 1  |  July 2017

Introducing the OptimumMe App

Improve HEP Compliance

Patients receive exercises via their smart device delivered directly from OptimisPT! They receive reminders based on the frequency the therapist prescribed the exercises (1x/day, 2x/day, 5 days/week, etc). The patient can “swipe” to indicate he/she completed the exercise and even write to their provider if they are having difficulty and the therapist receives the feedback within OptimisPT. This helps improve patient compliance since they know their therapist can see whether or not they have been consistent with their prescribed HEP.


All customization within OptimisPT can be shared within your practice! Share with a specific colleague, specific discipline, the entire clinic or the entire practice. The following Wizards are available for your customization:

Tip: To access your Customization Wizards click your name in the upper right corner of the OptimisPT website.

Custom Exercises

Custom exercises can be added to patterns, workouts, or directly into the patient treatment section or HEP section.

My Workouts

Create exercise protocols or groups to improve efficiency with HEP delivery.  Workouts can be added to patterns, within the treatment section and/or within the HEP section. Save time on the documentation of your treatment and your HEP prescription.

Custom Patterns

Your evaluation template (Clinical Findings, Measures, Interventions, Actions).

Custom Actions

For any intervention, add specific phrases, exercises, activities, manual therapy techniques, etc that you use frequently under that intervention.

My Favorite Templates

Statements/Phrases/Content you use frequently; add to drop downs, add to current verbiage or create your own statements from scratch.

  • Reason for Referral
  • Additional Evaluation
  • Findings Assessment
  • Recommendations
  • Provider Interactions
  • Plan
  • Goals
  • Patient Status

Embedded Outcome Measures

Receive Outcome Measures via E-Mail

Your patient can now fill out an Outcome Measure via e-mail prior to their evaluation.  Once completed, the Outcome Measure lives in the patient’s Episode of Care and the therapist can import the score directly into the measures section! Save time from the patient having to fill it out in the clinic, the therapist having to score it or the front office having to scan it into the patient’s chart.

Patient Analytics

You can now see Analytics on how the patient’s score changes over time.

Current Outcome Measures

  • UEFS
  • LEFS
  • Modified Oswestry
  • HOOS Jr.
  • KOOS Jr.

Coming Soon

  • Neck Disability Index
  • DASH
  • Promis Global
  • Patient Specific Functional Scale

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